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Diego GriepSenior Frontend Engineer

Some projects

A bit of my history: my first paid project was for a car dealership. I worked on many projects in my career, from the small to the biggest ones. Below, you can see the project list with the most recent projects that I can share.

Screenshot from Mindpool project


My mission was to develop a new website company from scratch.

    I had talks with the designer and stakeholders to better understand the business rules and UX.

    Created the user experience that fetched, parsed, and formatted analytic data and relayed it into React components.

    This results in accessible, responsive, and functional user interfaces that allow visitors on any device to have the same perfect user experience.

    I used Strapi for the content management system.

Tech stack:

ReactNextJSStrapistyled-componentsTypescriptJestReact Testing LibraryWebpackStorybook

Screenshot from Mommy2Go project


This is a freelance project that I worked on with a friend who is a designer. My responsibilities included understanding the business rules, listening to the client's requirements, and transforming those ideas into functional code.

    The project includes several features such as user authentication, a shopping cart, a wishlist, and a customer area that enables users to access their order history.

Tech stack:

NextAuthNextJSStrapiReactstyled-componentsTypescriptJestReact Testing LibraryWebpackStorybook

Screenshot from Reebok Europe project

Reebok Europe

My role on this project was Senior Software Frontend Engineer. My team did the main features of the project, such as Sessions, Guest and Registered Users, Internalization, Monitoring, and Observability.

    At the same time, we needed to give support to the other teams that worked on the project.

    Another of our responsibilities was also to create documentation about the new features.

Tech stack:

ReactEmotionTypescriptDesign SystemRemixUnit testingJestReact Testing LibraryRedisOctopusDockerWebpackStorybookObservabilityMonitoring